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In conversation with people about Boulevard Books’ business model the inevitable question always comes up—How are you able to make money if you give 100% royalties? I’ll answer that question shortly but first a brief history is necessary.  From as far back as I can remember books have always been a part of my life. Like many people, for me, books have been constant teachers and friends. As I grew older I started to put thoughts down on paper and write, and like Honore De Balzac and Charles Dickens I began to be interested in the business of publishing, its history and business structures.  Publishing, I’ve learned, has always been an elitist, exploitative industry where nearly 95% of book royalties traditionally go to the publisher and not the author, and this still goes on today with the most successful writers. Take, for instance, the recent news that publishing is seeing record profits (no surprise) and that J.K. Rowling is the world’s most successful author with 72.7 million pounds in royalties for 2017 alone. Now that is a big number for anyone, but when we see how much her books have sold total we begin to see how much authors stand to make when they control and receive the bulk of money coming in. This is from Fortune magazine:  http://fortune.com/2016/11/24/jk-rowling-net-worth-harry-potter/  “The 450 million copies of the seven Harry Potter books that have sold so far have generated an estimated revenue of $7.7 billion. If Rowling took a standard 15% author's cut of that, she would have earned $1.15 billion from the novels.”  (Note: standard royalty is 3-4% for the vast majority of authors. Rowling receives 15% because she is the most successful EVER.)  Now let’s take Fortune magazine’s calculation one-step further. What if Rowling conservatively received 50% royalties—that’s $507 billion, a staggering amount for sure, but the calculation is the same for authors who are selling books but are seeing measly royalties. So to answer the question, How is 100% royalties possible? Books make a tremendous amount of money, mostly for corporate owners. Our business model thrives because even after giving 100% royalties there is money to be made from so many other aspects of the publishing chain, especially as we utilize new technologies.  Boulevard Books is 21st century publishing. We offer international marketing across social network platforms, viral press releases, editing, cover design and much, much more. We act as your advocate with worldwide distribution in 38,000 outlets, while you own the work and receive 100% royalties. This is what I set out to do with my own books, and this is what Boulevard Books is now doing for authors everywhere.