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"A good writer possesses not only his own spirit but also the spirit of his friends."

― Friedrich Nietzsche


"Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing."

--Benjamin Franklin


The Fiendish Fiends by Avi Gvili is a produced play that explores the intersection between unabashed evil and laugh out loud humor. For more click here.

Why are superheroes so popular with people of all ages? Avi Gvili speaks to young people about how present day superheroes and in Greek Mythology put together kindness and power, two qualities everyone is hoping to have within themselves.


Superheroes are the most valuable media properties in the world today, representing a market that is over one hundred billion dollars. People, young and old, flock to superhero movies and buy its merchandise. Batman, Superman, Spiderman are this century's mythology and represent for people of all ages a hope that power goes along with kindness. These interactive presentations have been at the NYC public library, JCC city wide, Barnes & Nobles and many others. Click here for the newest superhero, Samson Turner & the Legend of Hercules by Avi Gvili.


Avi Gvili's  first novel, Samson Turner and the Legend of Hercules, combines his decades long love for the mythology of the world with his interest in the great superhero characters of the 20th and 21st. century.  The sequel, The Quest for Olympus, follows Samson and his friends Leo and the warrior Trinity Marks into the depths of Tartarus to battle Hades himself for the future of Olympus.


What follows is the first chapter of  the popular young adult novel, available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, iTunes, and wherever books are sold worldwide.


Chapter 1


 It’s the choices in life that make you a champion or a chump.  For me the pivotal moments came when I turned thirteen.  It was the summer before eighth grade.


I know it’s not an easy time for anyone—your body freaks out, growing in ways you never imagined; your voice gets deep and scratchy.


Every guy goes through this, I know.  But for me it was a whole different story—I developed powerful strength.


I’m talking superpower kind of strong—the kind you read about in comic books: bending steel beams, stopping cars with your body, that kind of stuff.


Let me go back a little, and tell it to you from the beginning.


My name is Samson Turner.  At the time, I lived with my mom in Queens, NY.  My dad, James Turner, died some time after I was born.  I never really had a chance to meet him, but I know he was a good man.  How do I know?  The Olympians told me.  But I’ll get to that in a little while.


It was a few weeks after my thirteenth birthday that I started to feel physically different.  I knew something was up sometime after when I played Man O’War on my X-Box.  Usually, I clutch the remote so hard it leaves grooves in my skin.  So I’m playing one day and all of a sudden, just as I’m about to get to level five, about to kick some serious butt, I look down at my hands and see the remote in two—it had broken in half!  At the time I chalked it up to those hormones teachers are always talking about.  But things just didn’t feel right.


Like my energy level:  I’ve always been kind of hyper for my age, never able to sit still for a long time.  My pre-K teacher told my mom I might need to be in a “special” class.  I know what you’re thinking—what’s wrong with being special?  Well, this kind of special, they told my mom, meant there was something wrong with my brain.  My mom refused and I was able to hold my own for eight years, trying my best to concentrate in school.



To read the rest of chapter 1 click here